P&G Hong Kong First-ever Hope School Rings Bell

P&G Hong Kong – Curling up in a dark classroom where blustering winds are howling from broken windows, lessons run as usual for these students of Mamencun Primary School in Guangxi Zhuang Minority Prefecture . “The gust of rain shots like AK-47 gun into my heart,” described Zhao Yinhui, a student representative who is on his four-grade class.

Since mid-January, eastern and southern China were paralyzed by the severe snowstorm – with 80 million people affected, about 150,000 houses collapsed, and power lines are damaged, causing many to go without electricity. As one of the schools ravaged by the snowstorm in the worst-hit province, over 12 school buildings in Bobai County of Guangxi were damaged, amounting to more than 150,000 Yuan (USD 21,739) losses. Mamencun Primary School was one of the worst. Nevertheless, what piled Pelion on Ossa, the poor school was overwhelmed in recent cataclysm which made 310 students and 10 teachers desperately hopeless.

But now the students and teachers need not have to worry about returning to these ruined classrooms to start new semester in September 1. A kind act in time by P&G Hong Kong will see a generous donation of USD 36,232 to rebuild classrooms for the children who are yearning for help. The new school will be named after “ P&G Hong Kong Hope School ”. This significantly marks the first-ever P&G Hope School which expanded the geographic boundary from China to Hong Kong . Moreover, P&G Hong Kong Hope School also marked the 140th P&G Hope School under P&G Project Hope model of “Starting with P&G and our employees, hand in hand with our business partners, together with consumers and shoppers, we help needy children in China Live, Learn and Thrive.” 


After Laura Xiong, General Manager of P&G Hong Kong announced the news, all the staff in P&G Hong Kong Office felt so much delighted and motivated. “It made me very excited to be part of meaningful Project Hope, we have been expecting the dream of P&G Hong Kong Hope School of our own, I couldn’t believe here it is”, said Carol Liu, one of the project initiators in P&G Hong Kong Office.

Many P&G Hong Kong employees brooked no delay to get more information about the newly born Hope School . Some discussed how could make sustainable support to help the kids, while the others were planning a personal visit to the school to touch with the kids with their family.

 “I knew P&G Hope Schools program for a long time, but we know it’s far away from Hong Kong (Project Hope is the cause program in China Mainland).  But right now we’re part of the family. If anything I can do to help the kids, I’ll do my best without hesitation”, said Tracy Chau, an employee in P&G Hong Kong Office.

P&G Hong Kong management was very much moved to know the enthusiastic responses to the new birth of P&G Hong Kong Hope School .  “As a caring company for years, P&G Hong Kong has been committed to the community where we work and live. The establishment of P&G Hong Kong Hope School is the right way we engage and commit. P&G China has long made a difference in the flagship of P&G Hope Schools, and we recognize P&G Hong Kong could join the family to make even greater, more enduring by focusing on a consistent cause program where need is great and there is a clear fit with P&G strengths. We will make sustainable support on the school to help needy children Live, Learn and Thrive” Laura Xiong said.