P&G Hong Kong Garners 3 Prestigious Environmental Awards for Sustainability Achievements

In Oct 2008, Procter & Gamble HK and its Marketing Supply team received 3 first-ever prestigious environmental conservation awards to recognize our commitment and effort towards sustainability in both workplace and trade environment. We are awarded 3 environmental labels - 2 wastewi$e & 1 energywi$e labels – through a government -initiated scheme – 2008 HK Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE).

The objective of the scheme is to encourage businesses and organizations to adopt green management leadership. It is organized by Environmental Campaign Committee, Environmental Protection Department, renowned trade associations and NGOs.

We have successfully deployed several robust sustainability initiatives and measures in this calendar year with full support from our stakeholders – employees, customers and suppliers. To mention a few, the first ever 3Rs (Reduce/Recycle/Re-use) in display materials for trade promotion, office temperature control, light-timer control installation, fluorescent lamp de-lamping, and paper/toner recycling etc in our workplace . The green honors we received further solidify our green leadership in the industry and reinforce our ongoing commitments towards making small but meaningful differences … everyday.


P&G Hong Kong Displays Get a Second Life

Hong Kong is expected to run out of landfill space in the next 6 to 10 years, so any idea that reduces the waste stream is welcome news.

Working hand in hand with key customers and suppliers, P&G HK pioneers a breakthrough sustainability program in making the trade environment green. It’s doing its part in several ways with the 3Rs concept in mind to minimize the environmental impact of our trade promotion holistically in their design, manufacture, use & disposal. For instance, recycling promotional displays, made mainly of acrylic and replacing heavy wood structures with lightweight materials like paperboard.

The most novel approach may be reusing displays with a new promotional message so that, for example, the structure of a VS Sassoon first-wave paper display does an encore as its second-wave. The displays receive little wear during their in-store use, making them ideal candidates for reuse.

In the first half year alone, this pioneering program has reduced solid wastage by 10 tons and save us$300,000 in promotional spending. This innovative sustainability solution has been greeted with unprecedented support from customers and suppliers.

Example of Reusing Display Structure