A study by P&G to launch a new campaign called The Everyday Effect found that New Year’s resolutions focused on everyday acts have a higher success rate

It’s a New Year - the perfect time to reflect and to make resolutions that will help make the year ahead a happy one. According to a new study called The P&G Everyday Effect Report, 84% of all New Year’s Resolutions made in the US will involve making personal changes like losing weight, exercising more or stopping a bad habit. However, according to those asked, such resolutions quickly fall by the wayside with the highest success rates coming from pledges of simple, everyday actions made with others in mind.

Nearly half (44%) of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that resolutions are more successful when they benefit others, with 86% claiming that the resolutions with the highest success rate were ‘spending more time with friends and loved ones’ and ‘encouraging a friend to be more positive’ compared to 56% success rate for ‘going to the gym’.

The study was conducted across the US by P&G, the Company behind brands like Gillette®, Pampers® and Ariel/Tide®, to mark the launch of a new video that celebrates the benefits that everyday actions and products can have on everyday life. The video, called The Power of the Everyday, brings to life a simple and universal truth that it’s often the ordinary things we do that make life extraordinary.

Melanie Healey, P&G’s North America Group President, said, “People tend to think of everyday actions as ordinary. We don’t; in fact, we believe everyone deserves a day that is extraordinary. The simple, everyday things like healthy, shiny hair, or a beautiful white smile can make you feel like taking on the world. A boy’s clean shirt makes him stand tall and proud. A woman’s makeup can make her feel beautiful all day long. We’re calling this The Everyday Effect.”

The Power of the Everyday is the first in a series of five videos that will be launched in the United States and Canada to coincide with events like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, showing how seemingly ordinary everyday things have a surprisingly significant impact.

Ms. Healey continued, “As we looked back through our 175-year history, one thing that stood out was our belief that behind every P&G product innovation is a single focus - to make life better. We’ve introduced brands that have changed the way people live, from helping a baby get a good night’s sleep to taking the drudgery out of laundry. This initiative is not just about sparking discussion, it’s about P&G as a Company continuing in that focus, of innovating to make everyday products that touch and improve everyday life. For us, that’s The Everyday Effect.”