“Pampers X PARKnSHOP Onward Foster Moms Campaign” Moving towards the second year supporting foster children to grow up safely, healthily and happily

At present, there are about 4,000 children in Hong Kong waiting for suitable long-term arrangements due to a lack of care from their primary families for various reasons. During the wait, these children are in great need of foster families who offer a touch of family warmth and support for their safe, healthy and happy growth. However, according to the Social Welfare Department in March 2022, foster families are seriously inadequate in Hong Kong with a total number of 954 only. Last year till now, statistics1 found that 60% of charitable organizations providing foster care services recorded varying degree of loss in foster families. The situation is very concerning. To this end, Hong Kong Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd. (P&G) and its baby diaper brand Pampers, together with PARKnSHOP Hong Kong, continue the "Onward Foster Moms Campaign" launched last year to encourage entrance into the ranks of foster family. Additionally, materials are provided to support the daily needs of foster families.

The recent fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak was severe and posed challenges to foster families, including rising expenses of daily necessities and shortages of pandemic prevention supplies. For some who care for foster children with special needs, requiring the foster children to abide by pandemic prevention measures every day is adding insult to injury. The lack of social training due to school closures also undoubtedly increases the psychological pressure and everyday burden of the foster families.

Tin Kin Chan, Senior Brand Director of P&G Hong Kong and Taiwan Baby Care and Hong Kong E-commerce, said: "Pampers has always committed to safeguarding the healthy and happy growth of infants and young children, and supporting the 3 pillars of P&G corporate citizenship values including community work, equity and inclusion and environmental sustainability. Knowing that the needs and pressure of foster families have increased greatly under the pandemic, Pampers hopes that the "Onward Foster Moms Campaign" gather forces from all walks of life in Hong Kong to support and expand the services of foster families."

Kevin Wong, Trading Director of PARKnSHOP, said "At PARKnSHOP, we appreciate Pampers' ongoing support for 'Mother's Choice'. By working with Pampers to promote the "Onward Foster Moms Campaign", we donate daily necessities to support foster mothers. This concept of caring for the society is exactly our social vision "eat better, live better!" We are looking forward to working with customers to build a better living environment. "

In the second year of the campaign, Pampers and PARKnSHOP will continue to provide foster care for children under the age of three in Hong Kong. Through a total of 11 charities* providing local foster care services, Pampers will provide pandemic prevention products and one month’s supply of Pampers diapers. In addition, with every purchase of Pampers product over $899 at PARKnSHOP online store, from May 20th to June 16th, Pampers and PARKnSHOP will give away a set of "Onward Foster Moms Kit" to foster families to fully support their selfless efforts. Learn more: https://www.parknshop.com/zh-hk/promo/Pampers_baby

  • Eleven charities providing foster care services include: Mother's Choice, Hong Kong Students' Aid Society, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hong Kong International Social Service, Hong Kong Youth Services, Yan Chai Hospital, Sheng Kung Hui St. Christopher's Home, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, Hong Kong Christian Service, Po Leung Kuk and Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service (in no particular order)

[1] Internal statistics from Onward Foster Moms Campaign

Photo 1: Pampers and PARKnSHOP will provide pandemic prevention supplies and one month's supply of Pampers diapers for foster children under the age of three in Hong Kong

Photo 2: From May 20th to June 16th, for every purchase of $899 of Pampers products at PARKnSHOP online store, Pampers and PARKnSHOP will give away a set of "Onward Foster Moms Kit" to the foster family to fully support the selfless efforts of the foster families.

"Onward Foster Moms Campaign" Promotional Video: