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  • Pampers collaborates with PARKnSHOP for the third year to build temporary home with eternal love for foster children

    P&G Hong Kong's Pampers collaborates with PARKnSHOP to launch the "Onward Foster Moms" campaign to support nearly 800 foster families through charity donations.

  • Pampers Joins Hands with Watsons in Hong Kong for the Second year
    To Protect Wetland Small Animals for a Sustainable Future for Babies

    Pampers, a subsidiary of P&G Hong Kong Procter & Gamble, this year on Earth Day, once again cooperated with Watsons in Hong Kong and launch the "Protect Wetland Small Animals and Create a Sustainable Future for Babies " project.

  • 5th year Pampers X HKCECES Onward Preemie Babies Program, partnering with consumers and PARKnSHOP to support premature babies' growth

    Pampers, has entered its fifth year of Onward Preemie Babies" program. In addition to original community partner, the HKKCECES, Pampers also partners with PARKnSHOP Hong Kong to invest in more resources that preemie families require.

  • OLAY joining hands with Watsons HK to advocate for Career Diversity for Girls

    P&G’s skin care brand, OLAY, teamed up with Watsons HK and Inspiring Girls Hong Kong to encourage girls to explore career opportunity fearlessly.

  • Whisper launches "DREAM #LIKEAGIRL" for the fifth year
    Collaborating with Watsons HK to promote girls to live authentically and pursue dreams confidently

    P&G's feminine care brand, Whisper, joins hands with Watsons Hong Kong and Inspiring Girls Hong Kong for the fifth year of Dream #LikeAGirl campaign to help girls embrace their true selves, and confidently actualize dreams.

  • “Pampers X PARKnSHOP Onward Foster Moms Campaign” Moving towards the second year supporting foster children to grow up safely, healthily and happily

    Pampers together with PARKnSHOP Hong Kong, continue the "Onward Foster Moms Campaign" launched last year to encourage entrance into the ranks of foster family. Additionally, materials are provided to support the daily needs of foster families.

  • Watsons Hong Kong and PARKnSHOP join Whisper to continue the Dream #LikeAGirl campaign

    Hong Kong elite athletes shared their dream-pursuing journeys that manifest girl power. Hong Kong elite athletes shared their dream-pursuing journeys that manifest girl power For girls reaching adolescence, as obvious physical changes begin to occur

  • P&G and Watsons Hong Kong Expand Plastic Reborn

    Aiming at enhancing early children education on environmental protection mindfulness by interactive forest-planting and encouraging plastic waste recycling and reduction habits during the epidemic

  • 4th year Pampers X HKCECES Onward Preemie Babies Program Supports Happy, Healthy Premature Babies Development

    Pampers Hong Kong has partnered with the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (HKCECES) for the fourth consecutive year to promote Onward Preemie Babies Program.

  • P&G & Watsons Launch Plastic Reborn in all Watsons Stores in Hong Kong

    Joint Effort amongst Business, Community, Local Recycling Company and Public Environmental Protection Forces to Do Good for Our Home