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At P&G, environmental sustainability is embedded in how we do business. We make people’s everyday lives a little better. However, while our commitment to “better” has never changed, the standard we need to deliver on has. More and more for our consumers, better for them, without better for the planet, is no longer better. We share that conviction. Innovation cannot be irresistibly superior without also being sustainable. Together in partnership we can build a better future for all. After all, it’s our home. And our window is now.

House graphic showing the four pillars of Ambition 2030. Irresistible superiority that is sustainable is the roof. The first floor is made of four pillars - climate, waste, water and nature. And people are the foundation of the house graphic.

Ambition 2030

P&G’s Ambition 2030 supports our brands’ ability to provide irresistible superiority that is sustainable to improve lives now and for generations to come. At its foundation is improving the livelihoods of people across our operations, supply chain, and the communities we serve. It is built upon the strength of four science-based pillars—Climate, Waste, Water and Nature—where we can make the biggest difference for the planet and our business.


Illustration showing tree, truck, house, and windmill representing environmental footprint.
Illustration of a person in house carrying bags, products on shelf, recycle bin, and washing machine symbolizing sustainable consumption.
Illustration showing industry, town, and parks, illustrating the industry footprint on the environment

We are delivering impact at three levels: reducing our own impact, enabling people to reduce their impact, and scaling industry-wide solutions to reduce environmental impact.

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Learn more about P&G’s efforts to reach net zero by 2040.

P&G’s ambition is to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our supply chain and operations – from raw material to retailer – by 2040. Our climate journey began over a decade ago with goals at our own manufacturing facilities. Since then, we have expanded and accelerated our efforts to address GHG emissions across the life cycle of our products, and within our operations and supply chain.

Our focus is on significantly reducing absolute GHG emissions in our total operational and supply chain emissions to reach our net zero ambition. We will balance any remaining emissions from our operations and supply chain by advancing natural or technical solutions that remove an equivalent amount of GHG emissions from the atmosphere. To help pace our progress toward 2040, we have established near-term science-based targets for 2030.

Net Zero 2040Climate Transition Action PlanClimate Progress
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P&G’s aim is to create a more circular value chain where material is continually recycled and remade to remain in use instead of becoming waste.

P&G provides everyday products of superior quality and value to people around the world. Product packaging materials like plastic are useful in providing product protection and a lighter weight to lower GHG emissions during transportation.

We believe we can unlock more worth from packaging materials long after their first use. P&G is teaming up with industry coalitions and nonprofits to invent and find scalable solutions to reduce waste and reuse packaging and materials.

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How are we helping build a water positive future?

Water is essential for the making and use of our products. Our comprehensive strategy includes reducing water in our operations, restoring water in 18 water-stressed areas around the world where we operate, and addressing water challenges through innovation and partnerships.

Closer Look To Our New GoalsWater Positive Future StrategyWater Progress


Learn how we’re supporting the natural ecosystems that support P&G and beyond.

At P&G, the success of our business is intricately linked to the health and sustainability of the natural environment. We believe it is important to help protect and restore critical ecosystems that help sustain our operations, support the wellbeing of people, and help protect the long-term health of our planet.

We are committed to responsible sourcing of key commodities like wood pulp, palm oil and paper packaging together with respecting human, labor and land tenure rights in our supply chains. We are also going beyond responsible sourcing to help restore and protect landscapes near our existing supply chains and invest in natural climate solutions that can remove and store more carbon.

We recognize we cannot do this alone, which is why we collaborate with our partners to help restore and protect these ecosystems that are critical to people, the planet and P&G.

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Our work doesn't stop here

For more information, visit our ESG Investor Portal where you can find out more about P&G goals, efforts and progress on water, waste, climate, forestry, equality and inclusion and governance, among others. For specific information about our different programs and activities on how we are helping make our home better across forestry, plastic packaging, water and climate, visit Mapping Our Impact section on our public website.

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History of P&G Sustainability.

To see the full history of our environmental sustainability efforts, take a look at our timeline.

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