Pampers' Sixth Year of Onward Preemie Babies Campaign to Join Hands with PARKnSHOP
to Provide the Tiniest Diaper with the Most Loving Touch

Among the babies born in Hong Kong every year, 7-10% are premature babies. Because their bodies are not yet mature, they need to stay in an incubator to receive professional care and treatment. The only opportunity for parents of premature babies to have close contact with their babies is when they change diapers and feed their babies. Due to their tiny body shape and sensitive skin, premature babies require diapers with special size and design. For the sixth consecutive year, P&G Hong Kong’s baby care brand Pampers, partnered with the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (HKCECES), and with the support of PARKnSHOP Hong Kong, to launch the "Onward Preemie Babies" program to provide free diaper products for premature babies until full term. With a small piece of premature baby diapers carrying unlimited love from parents, it accompanies every premature baby family through the most critical moments.

Delivering "touch of love" with personal and meticulous care

Research shows that touch is the first way babies begin to experience the world1. Every gentle touch can build a relationship of love and attachment between babies and their parents. Because the skin of premature babies has not yet fully developed, they are particularly sensitive to touch. Every touch is crucial to them. And because babies must stay in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) incubator most of the time, the best time for the parents of premature babies to bond with them is usually when changing their diapers or feeding them.

Because premature babies are small and frail, and their bodies are covered with life-support equipment, changing diapers will be more challenging and time-consuming. The size and material of general newborn diapers failed to meet the needs of premature babies, and premature baby diapers are difficult to obtain in Hong Kong. Pampers and Japanese NICU nurses jointly developed premature baby diapers. In addition to their small size, which fits the body shape of premature babies, the material is also softer, bringing the most meticulous care to baby's fragile skin, and conveying the deepest love of parents for babies.

Since 2018, Pampers and HKCECES have launched the "Onward Preemie Babies" program to provide premature baby diapers to premature babies. Families with premature babies can apply for free diapers through HKCECES until the baby is full term. From today to November 23, 2023, upon any purchase of Pampers products for $788 or more in the PARKnSHOP online store, Pampers and PARKnSHOP will give away a box of premature baby diapers and tissues to HKCECES.

The "Onward Preemie Babies" program has accompanied more than 1,800 families with premature births

This year the “Onward Preemie Babies” program enters its sixth year and has successfully protected more than 1,800 families. Pampers invited parents of premature babies to share their personal experiences. Dad Wang, who applied for Pampers premature baby diapers in 2022, with a daughter born weighing only 800 grams, said "I really appreciate HKCECES and Pampers’s help to provide suitable diapers for baby. At that time, we were not able to touch my baby girl, but could convey the care for our baby through diapers.” Another mother of a premature baby, Mrs. Li recalled: "When baby was still in the NICU and was most vulnerable, the Onward Preemie Babies Program allowed us to be less hesitant at the critical moment, allowing me to focus on taking good care of baby’s healthy growth!" Mr. and Mrs. Chen, parents of two premature babies: "At that time, I bought newborn diapers to prepare for the baby's birth, but it turned out that when the baby was 28 weeks old, it was like putting on clothes. HKCECES quickly responded to our application and let my baby wear a proper diaper on the second day after birth!”

”Onward Preemie Babies” Short video:

“Onward Preemie Babies” inquiry hotline: 3188 1856
Learn more about how to apply for "Onward Preemie Babies": https://bit.ly/3EyKRNO