Pampers Joins Hands with Watsons in Hong Kong for the Second year
To Protect Wetland Small Animals for a Sustainable Future for Babies

Wetlands play a pivotal role in maintaining ecological balance. In addition to stabilizing the global climate, wetlands are also the cradle of biodiversity. Pampers, a subsidiary of P&G Hong Kong Procter & Gamble, following "Merry Green Xmas – Adopt a Mangrove for Baby’s Sustainable Future’ Sustainable Future” project last year, this year on Earth Day, once again cooperated with Watsons in Hong Kong and launch the "Protect Wetland Small Animals and Create a Sustainable Future for Babies " project. In addition to continuing the mangrove sapling adoption scheme to restore wetlands around the world and to provide more habitats for diverse organisms, the event of this year also focuses on Hong Kong's wetlands. Consumers who purchase Pampers products over $899 at the Watsons online store will be rewarded two tickets to the Hong Kong Wetland Park. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children to explore the wetlands. Apart from allowing children to develop more keen observation skills in nature, they can also cultivate the awareness of protecting the environment from an early age through understanding the unique local wetland ecology and diverse species.

Pampers Protects Environmental Sustainability and Invests in Wetland Conservation for the Second Consecutive Year

Pampers not only cares about every baby with superior products, but also cares about the world where they grow up. Starting from Earth Day in 2022, Pampers has joined hands with Watsons in Hong Kong to create a green future for babies through the "Forest Building Program" and "Mangrove Adoption Program", allowing consumers to adopt and plant small saplings in different forests around the world. In addition to continuing to launch the mangrove adoption program with collaborator EcoMatcher in wetlands in Southeast Asia, from April 7th to April 27th this year, consumers who purchase Pampers products over $899 at Watsons will receive two tickets of Hong Kong Wetland Park. Parents are encouraged to lead BB to get close to and explore the wetland, and then together protect the wetland and the small animals that breed in this ecosystem.

Wetlands, forests, and oceans are the three major ecosystems in the world. They have many important functions including water storage, flood prevention, filtering pollutants, and climate regulation. Wetlands also breed rich biodiversity and provide food and shelter for wildlife. Mangroves are important wetland habitats, where small animals such as fiddler crabs and mudskippers live, and also provide breeding space for many small marine organisms and plankton. According to a report of Ramsar Convention released in 2018, the rate of global wetland loss is three times1 that of forest loss due to human activities and climate change, so it is even more urgent to protect wetlands.

Explore Hong Kong's Wetlands and Learn about Biodiversity

Hong Kong's wetlands cover an area of about 6,640 hectares, mainly concentrated in the northwestern New Territories2, where countless species of animals and plants are bred, especially they are important for waterfowl. They provide waterfowl with food and breeding grounds, and the Wetland Park in Hong Kong provides a place to observe wetland ecology and absorb wetland conservation knowledge. Pampers and Watsons in Hong Kong gave out tickets for this activity, inviting parents to take their children to explore Wetland Park in Hong Kong and learn about wetland animals. It is hoped that through this educational parent-child activity, children will be enlightened to love nature from an early age. Meanwhile, parents can also adopt the platform of "mangrove saplings" through Pampers, join in protecting the global wetlands, and create a green future for generations to come.

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