4th year Pampers X HKCECES Onward Preemie Babies Program Supports Happy, Healthy Premature Babies Development

Based on data from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong, an average of 60,000 babies are born in Hong Kong each year1. About 4,000 of those births are premature, accounting for about 6.67%. While preemie babies require extra care to grow up healthy and strong, their parents also need more support than other parents. In Hong Kong, organizations dedicated to helping preemies are operating on a small scale. It is not easy for the preemie parents to access to suitable preemie diapers, nor systematic information on how to take care of their babies.

In view of this, Pampers Hong Kong has partnered with the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (HKCECES) for the fourth consecutive year to promote Onward Preemie Babies Program. Aiming at helping parents overcome this bittersweet challenge together, the program not only provides free Pampers preemie diapers for premature babies until they are ready for regular diapers, but also supports parents by providing professional information on how to take care of preemies.

Since its launch in 2018, Onward Preemie Babies Program has provided free preemie diapers for 1,413 premature babies in Hong Kong. In its fourth year, while Covid-19 rages on, many parents of preemies are not only worried about their babies' health and finding suitable diapers, but they are also dealing with heightened concerns and safety restrictions when visiting their babies. As a result, in addition to continual support on free preemie diapers, Pampers has once again partnered with PARKnSHOP supermarket this year, to offer free preemie families with 3-ply hygienic face mask and Pampers newborn diapers. Hopefully, the products donated can facilitate parents in visiting their preemie babies in hospital, as well as support healthy preemie baby development.

"Onward Preemie Babies – What can Parents do to support NICU Babies" Video:

Tin Kin Chan, Senior Brand Director of P&G Hong Kong and Taiwan Baby Care and Hong Kong E-commerce said, ‘Pampers is committed to happy and healthy baby development. In the past 35 years since Pampers entered Hong Kong market, the brand follows and realizes P&G global 3 focus areas in corporate citizenship, namely community impact, equality & inclusion, and environmental sustainability. By launching programs such as the "Onward Preemie Babies", “Onward Foster Moms” and "Pampers Forest Building Project", we hope to create shared values and promote cycles of kindness through leveraging our brand voice and collaborating with our business partners and society.’

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1The Brain and Mind Institute of the Chinese University of Hong Kong: https://drhomed.org.mo/