P&G Hong Kong has been awarded the "Caring Company 15 Years Plus " logo

P&G Hong Kong has been awarded the "Caring Company 15 Years Plus " logo

P&G Hong Kong (P&G) has actively participated in the "Caring Company" initiative for 19 consecutive years since 2005. This year, it has been awarded the 15 Years Plus Caring Company Logo to recognize its commitment to caring for the community, protecting the environment, supporting employees, and continuously working to build an inclusive society.

P&G's brands are constantly innovating with the vision of "touching lives, improving life," aiming to improve consumers' daily lives. The company is also actively engaged in corporate social responsibility initiatives. For example, Pampers has partnered with the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services for six years, providing free premature baby diapers to premature families until full term, supporting them through crucial moments. In recent years, through the "Onwards Foster Mom" program, P&G has encouraged more families to join foster care and has provided care packages to support the needs of foster families. In addition to assisting families, feminine care brand Whisper has launched the #LIKEAGIRL campaign in schools, changing the perception of menstruation as a taboo topic by showcasing female role models and transforming consumer support into product donations to empower disadvantaged women and help them gain confidence.

P&G also integrates environmental sustainability into daily operations, demonstrating commitment to sustainable development. Since 2021, the company has implemented systematic waste recycling measures internally to cultivate employees' environmental awareness and promote the reuse of waste. The company also employs energy-saving and carbon-reducing facilities in office equipment and energy consumption. Furthermore, P&G actively innovates secondary packaging for products, significantly reducing the use of virgin plastic. Externally, P&G collaborates with the community to encourage consumers to participate in environmental protection actions daily. Their oral care brand Oral-B has implemented a battery recycling program for electric toothbrushes. Since 2021, P&G has partnered with Watsons in the "Plastic Reborn" program, collecting plastic bottles of personal care products from consumers regardless of brand. Over three years, they have collected over 500,000 plastic bottles, which are then recycled into 3D printing materials and used in STEM workshops in schools. This initiative inspires students to face environmental issues with innovative thinking and enhances the environmental awareness of the younger generation.

As an employer that values employees' physical and mental health, P&G provides comprehensive care through diverse policies and measures. For example, employees have the option to work from home for up to 50% of their time each month, and eight weeks of parental leave are applicable to adopting children or legal same-sex partners. The company also offers flexible working hours and massage services in the office, ensuring that employees can achieve self-fulfillment and access the necessary resources for their physical and mental well-being.

In the future, P&G will continue to be a force for good and growth, caring for various communities, employees, and environmental development and making even more significant contributions to society.