P&G Hong Kong has been recognized by the Hong Kong Environmental Excellence Awards for eight consecutive years

P&G Hong Kong has actively participated in the Hong Kong Environmental Excellence Awards since 2015.

P&G Hong Kong has actively participated in the Hong Kong Environmental Excellence Awards since 2015. This year, it was recognized for the eighth consecutive year and won the 2022 Service and Trading Industry Certificate of Merits in the Hong Kong Environmental Excellence Awards to commend the brand for its active practices in environmental management and outstanding contributions to promoting a green future! The Hong Kong Environmental Excellence Award encourages companies and organizations to implement environmental management, compare their environmental performance with the best practices in their respective sectors, and recognize companies and organizations with outstanding environmental performance.

P&G Hong Kong has been taking various measures from local operations to promote waste reduction in all sectors to achieve P&G 2040's net-zero emissions goal and P&G's sustainable development goal of "Mission 2030". P&G Hong Kong is incorporating more sustainable environmental elements into office operations and systems, including using 100% renewable energy and LEEDS-certified facilities. In addition, we implement sorted recycling and environmental protection measures in the office, hold environmental education workshops for employees, cultivate employees' environmental awareness, and promote green citizenship responsibility from within the company.

P&G's global goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in corporate operations by 2030. To echo P&G's global sustainable development goals of making the product packaging 100% recyclable or reusable and reducing the use of 50% virgin plastic in packaging materials, P&G Hong Kong is reducing excessive packaging during secondary packaging by removing bubble shells from products and reducing fillers in boxes, thereby significantly reducing the use of virgin plastic. In addition, the brand also actively encourages consumers to participate in environmental protection actions in daily life. For example, the brand Oral-B under the Group has launched an electric toothbrush battery recycling program and has cooperated with Watsons to launch a "plastic reborn" program starting in 2021 to recycle consumer plastic bottles for personal care products regardless of brand. This year, the program has collected over 360,000 plastic containers, which will be recycled and converted into 3D printing materials. These materials will be used in workshops to inspire students to address environmental issues using innovative thinking. Through theory and practice, the program aims to enhance the environmental awareness of the younger generation.

In the future, P&G Hong Kong will continue to promote and implement green measures, encourage consumers to support environmental protection activities and practice environmental sustainability in their daily lives!