5th year Pampers X HKCECES Onward Preemie Babies Program, partnering with consumers and PARKnSHOP to support premature babies' growth

The World Health Organization defines premature babies as babies1 born after 20th weeks but within 37 weeks of gestation. There are about 15 million premature babies born around the world every year, with around 4,000 in Hong Kong (premature birth rate at around 6.5%). While the causes of preterm birth are still mostly unknown, parents who are diagnosed at risk for preterm birth can begin their preparation for welcoming their babies home as early as possible. This year, Hong Kong Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd. (P&G) and its baby diaper brand Pampers, has entered its fifth year of Onward Preemie Babies" program. In addition to original community partner, the HK Council of Early Childhood Education & Services (HKCECES), Pampers also partners with PARKnSHOP Hong Kong to invest in more resources that preemie families require. By further providing advice from professional doctors and "Premature BB Nursing Handbook", parents can better prepare for premature birth during pregnancy. Consumers can also be part of the help as purchases of Pampers products would convert into product donations, including premature diapers and surgical masks for parents to travel to and from the hospital to visit newborns. Let’s support premature families in welcoming their babies home safely.

"Onward Preemie Babies-the smallest diaper for meticulous care" video:

Pampers smallest diapers proving meticulous care for preemie babies

Five years ago, Pampers noticed that not only were diapers for premature infants hard to obtain, but Hong Kong also lacked systematically crafted baby care knowledge of for premature parents. Therefore, Pampers and the HK Council of Early Childhood Education & Services (HKCECES) established an assistance platform for premature parents. In addition to donating preterm baby diapers jointly developed by Japanese NICU nurses and Pampers to HKCECES for free, the campaign further provided baby care knowledge during hospitalization and home care in recent years. This year, the scale of donation expands with the support of PARKnSHOP Hong Kong. Every purchase converts into diapers and surgical mask donation to lessen premature parents’ burden. Medical professionals are invited to craft a "Premature Baby Care Handbook" to help pregnant parents navigate through pregnancy and better prepare for their baby’s early arrival.

Download Baby Care Handbook:https://hkceces.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/%E6%97%A9%E7%94%A2BB%E8%AD%B7%E7%90%86%E6%89%8B%E5%86%8A.pdf

This October, Pamers has also invited baby care influencer Kay Ho to speak up for "Onward Preemie Babies" campaign. With two young children, he understands parents’ hope to welcome a healthy baby into the world. Noticing the size difference between a premature diaper and a normal newborn diaper (premature diaper being 1/3 of a normal newborn diaper), he could now empathize more with preemie parents’ worry and challenge. This campaign would make the support for preemie families widespread in Hong Kong, with a goal that society as a whole supports premature baby’s healthy development.

Tin Kin Chan, Senior Brand Director of P&G Hong Kong and Taiwan Baby Care and Hong Kong E-commerce said: "With around 4,000 premature BBs born in Hong Kong every year, Onward Preemie Babies Program not only serves to empower premature families, but also raise awareness of these families’ needs. Together with Pampers, partners and consumers’ support, preemie families can receive the much-needed medical aid and psychological assistance."

Every purchase contributes to the healthy growth of preemie babies

From now until November 10, 2022, for every transaction of Pampers products of $999 or more at PARKnSHOP Hong Kong online store, Pampers and PARKnSHOP Hong Kong donates 1 box of preemie BB diaper and 1 box of surgical mask to HKCECES. After preemie families call and submit supporting documents to HKCECES, HKCECES would arrange shipments to applicants’ address after verification.

Enquiry Hotline:3188 1856
For further information: https://bit.ly/3EyKRNO

1 https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/preterm-birth

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Photo 1: Pampers and PARKnSHOP will donate Pampers diapers and surgical masks to HKCECES